Refreshing Raspberry Lemonade

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Lemonade may be thought of as an all-American beverage. However, the earliest written record of a lemon beverage actually comes from 12th-century Egypt. Medieval Egyptians enjoyed Kashkab, a drink made from fermented barley and flavored with mint, rue, black pepper, and citron leaf. As lemons were introduced to the region, this concoction became qatarmizat, a lemon water sweetened with sugar. This ancient recipe most resembles the lemonade we know and love today.

Raspberry Lemonade is not only refreshing, but it’s healthy too!

Lemons are an excellent source of vitamin C and flavonoids, which are antioxidants. Antioxidants help remove free radicals that can damage cells in the body. While raspberries provide potassium, which is essential to heart function and has been proven to lower blood pressure. The omega-3 fatty acids in raspberries can help prevent strokes and heart disease. They also contain a mineral called manganese, which is necessary for healthy bones and skin and helps regulate blood sugar.

This refreshing raspberry lemonade is not only a good health booster. You can also drink this to beat the summer heat! You can use fresh or frozen raspberries to make this easy homemade lemonade!

How to Make a Refreshing Raspberry Lemonade?


1 cup sugar

1 cup of water

¾ cup raspberries; pureed and pushed through a fine mesh sieve; plus more whole berries for garnish if desired

1 cup fresh lemon juice, about 8 lemons

4-6 cups cold water (this will vary depending on your taste)


  1. Make a simple syrup by combining the sugar with 1 cup of water in a saucepan. Place over medium heat and heat until the sugar is completely dissolved; swirl the pan occasionally. Let cool.
  2. Measure 3/4 cup of fresh raspberries and puree them in your blender or food processor.
  3. Push the raspberry puree through a fine mesh sieve to separate the seeds from the pulp.
  4. Once the simple syrup has cooled, combine the raspberry puree, simple syrup, and lemon juice in a large pitcher.
  5. Add 4-6 cups of cold water. The amount of water you use will depend on your taste, so add as little or as much as you want to achieve your perfect sweet/tart balance.
  6. Chill for at least 15 minutes or put some ice, serve and enjoy.

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