5 Motivations To Help You Stay Sober

People that are motivated are more likely to attain their objectives. Motivational elements such as religion or belief might inspire people with alcohol or drug issues to modify their life and avoid substance abuse. Some of the advantages of maintaining a sober lifestyle are self-evident: more money, weight loss, and no more lying to family and friends. 

Alcohol or substance abuse has a number of social, financial, and health consequences. It can damage many aspects of life, causing people to feel hopeless and dejected. Over time, it can cause mental health disorders, such as anxiety and depression. Finding the motivation to achieve and maintain abstinence from drugs and alcohol is a critical first step to getting sober. The inspiration to live a sober lifestyle can come from loved ones, from people in similar situations, or simply from thinking about the consequences of substance use.

1. Remember Everything You’ve Lost.

If you were inactive in addiction for any length of time, you most certainly lost something important to you, whether it was a relationship, a home, a job, or yourself. Concentrate on how it felt to lose these items and how you can’t erase the damage, but don’t dwell on it. Allow everything you’ve lost in the past to inspire you to stay clean in the present and future.

2. Save More Money.

The cost of drinking alcohol can have a wide range of consequences in society. The majority of the cost of alcohol is reflected in the negative outcomes of drinking rather than the actual unit price. Healthcare expenditures, criminal justice costs, automobile costs, and lost productivity are all examples of these costs. Drinking less and focusing on productivity in both work and personal life can lead to improved health and financial outcomes.

3. Stay Sober For Your Loved Ones.

Drug or alcohol abuse affects more than just the individual. It has the potential to harm your whole family. When you deal with alcohol addiction, you may fight more, feel ashamed, or develop an anxiety illness. Relationships may become irreparably ruined over time.

Staying sober means a lot to the people you care about. Recognize that there are individuals who are rooting for you. There are individuals that want you to stay sober, whether it’s family or friends, because you mean the world to them and recovery means keeping you safe. These folks have grown to know you as an honest, considerate, energetic, charming, trustworthy, amazing, and sober person. The trust you’ve repaired with your loved ones, the bridges you’ve rebuilt, and the relationships you’ve restarted are all excellent reasons to stay sober.

4. Healthy Body. Longer Life.

If you stop drinking and maintain your sobriety, you can live a longer life. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), an alcoholic person’s life expectancy can be reduced by an average of 30 years if they keep drinking. Long-term binge drinking or drug abuse can have serious health repercussions, including cardiovascular, pulmonary, and psychological issues. Violence, trauma, damage, or infections like HIV can all result from these factors. Death can happen from alcohol poisoning or drug overdoses. 

Your body and brain will begin to heal once you stop drinking, and you’ll gradually regain your health. A healthy body translates into a longer lifespan, more time to experience new things with your loved ones, and another chance to rediscover and love yourself.

5. Dream Big and Do It.

Because, whether or not you believe in a higher power, we all have a strong desire to live a life that is meaningful and purposeful. However, in today’s modern society, full of constant noise and distraction, it can be difficult to anchor into larger meaning and purpose, especially when using a numbing agent like drugs or alcohol on a regular basis. Sobriety provides the mental clarity needed to connect with your dreams and goals. It serves as a springboard from which you can begin constructing a meaningful life that you enjoy.

Make goals for the future that you are confident you can achieve. Getting sober offers you the opportunity to pursue your aspirations; remaining sober gives you more chances. Perhaps you have a dream job in mind or plan to return to school. Maybe you’d like to get married and start a family. These dreams provide motivation to stay sober and strive to be a better and more successful person.

Know that you are strong, despite how you may feel right now. You are more powerful than your desires. You are more resilient than relapse. You are more powerful than those who are still abusing you. This is the strength that has gotten you this far. Don’t give up! You can do it!

Tom Mabe

Tom Mabe is a video creator, comedian, and sobriety advocate. He was an alcoholic and is now sober. He talks and interacts with others live on Facebook and YouTube about addiction, recovery, and sobriety. He created Sober Talk to allow people to tell their stories, ask for help, celebrate their accomplishments, share their struggles, and connect with real people going down the same path.

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